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Law Firms:
  • Attorneys
  • Paralegals
  • Legal Assistants
  • Marketing
  • HR Managers, Directors, Assistants, Generalists
  • Receptionists


  • HR Managers, Directors, Assistants, Generalists
  • Attorneys
  • Paralegals
  • Legal Assistants
  • Marketing
  • Receptionists

Good people are the key to our success!

At Cream City Recruiters, LLC, we focus on the clients and their needs. It is through our commitment to matching the specific needs of each of our clients that we’ve found enduring success. We are highly trained placement professionals, having served the Milwaukee business community for 28 years, recruiting and placing the finest legal, manufacturing, and medical personnel available, as well as, attorneys, marketing experts, engineers, sales personnel, paralegals, legal secretaries and medical office personnel, admin assistants and managers. We are known for placing people that help Law Firms and Businesses grow. The record we are most proud of is that at least 495 recruits, over the span of 23 years, are still in place today with the firms or companies they were originally placed with.

Cream City Recruiters, LLC is “Where Placements Produce.”

During a career that has seen rapid technological change, Cream City Recruiters, LLC has maintained guiding principles as a constant bedrock of their firm. Their commitment to both candidate and firm ensure a cost effective solution.

Candidates with long-term tenures save time, money, and stress. Candidates that become members add value to the firm with their consistent contribution and investment toward education. 

Over time, it becomes apparent that while any firm can place a person, Cream City Recruiters, LLC has built a thriving livelihood by creating relationships that grow and last. It is likely for a placement to last for a generation, growing from an entry level job to a senior member of the firm. Cream City’s reputation as a firm that matches well carries the added benefit of offering cost and time savings. We have temporary, temp-to-hire, and permanent placement within teams that do exactly that! 

Cream City Recruiters, LLC is at your service Milwaukee, putting the right people in the right places since 1988.  

We recruit only the highest quality personnel with an emphasis on permanent placement. Staffing, recruiting, Cream City Recruiters, LLC places all the following:


Legal Assistants

HR Managers





Receptionists, Generalists




Marketing, Receptionists


Community Relations

Cream City Recruiters, LLC places skilled professionals like yourself with businesses in need, all throughout the Milwaukee area.

Quality candidates means pre-screening and testing, among other things. This way, we can ensure we’re only sending you the top candidates who possess the necessary skills and experience. We know what to ask and how to elicit meaningful responses.
To that end, we conduct thorough referencing and offer 60 and 90 Day Guarantees.

What They Are Saying

Sara Rugg

What I like about Cream City Recruiters, a staffing agency, is that my recruiter really listened to me. She asked what was important to me and the parameters I would require in order to consider placement. To my surprise, after all the information she gathered, she didn’t just have one position that she thought that I’d be interested in but many more that I would have never even know of. She wasn’t just placing me in a temporary position, her focus was on long-term career placement. If you want to work with a staffing agency who really cares about what is important to you, who utilizes their large book of business in order to find you long-term career placement, Cream City Recruiters is, HANDS DOWN, the staffing agency you should choose. THANK YOU ALL for finding me my new career!!*

Thomas Pipines

I had a quick and easy experience, was hired on as a paralegal with a pretty good law firm, had some issues with the hiring HR, but she had it worked out just fine.

Recommended heartily.

Lisa Just Goods

Cream City Recruiters is really a special, boutique, tailored and much needed recruiting agency. They work diligently for their clients and are very hands on!

William Beckett

I was lucky to find Cream City Recruiters when we were looking for a new Production Manager. Monnie Holmes responded with three excellent candidates. As a result, within a couple of weeks, we were able to hire someone who completely met our expectations.

We place great emphasis upon quality, service to our customers and maintaining a supportive environment for our employees. I was impressed with Monnie’s grasp of what we were seeking. She did an excellent job of vetting candidates with the experience, personal skills, professional skills, sophistication and intelligence to embrace our corporate culture. She also did a good job of representing the candidates’ objectives in a neutral manner. I highly recommend her services.

Bill Beckett, President & CEO
ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Hannah Trafton

I was stuck in a dead-end situation. Monnie took every measure to ensure a smooth and pleasant move into a great firm. She was confident and helped me all the way through the process from beginning to end. This job she’s given me has made a huge difference in my career and my life!

Again, I thank you!

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